About ArmyEthics.com

archive_us_79id_norm1ArmyEthics.com is an educational website seeking to make readily available information on morality and ethics for military members, especially Soldiers in the United States Army.

The Army is in the midst of significant discussion about what it means to be in the Profession of Arms which is the military.  Recent high-level moral failures as well as combat-related ethical failures have driven our military leaders to re-emphasize the need to instill a sound foundation of moral and ethical reasoning within Soldiers at every level.  “Soldiers require sufficient moral-ethical expertise to guide their own conduct, yet at the organizational level, ethics need to be reinforced through leadership and unit culture” (1)

It is the goal of ArmyEthics.com to help make readily available to any who seek them, resources to enable the development of a strong moral foundation leading to the ability to recognize ethical dilemmas and make choices which reflect high moral character as well as adherence to the Army Values.

Your suggestions and literary contributions are welcome as ArmyEthics.com provides material which is both relevant and useful to a military winding down from over a decade of persistent conflict and refocusing on the profession which is ours, the Profession of Arms.

ArmyEthics.com was developed and is maintained by Chaplain (MAJ) Daryl Densford. It was created when Densford was the Ethics Instructor/Writer for the U.S. Army Military Police School at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri.  It should be emphasized, however, that while every effort is made to keep this site free from political, religious and philosophical views which are controversial, there may be opinions that are posted which are held by Chaplain Densford or the authors of particular articles which some readers may disagree with. The appearance of any post should not be construed as being the opinion of any government agency including the U.S. Army, the Department of Defense, the U.S. Army Chaplain Corps or the United States government. Additionally, the appearance of links to other sites and articles from various sources do not constitute endorsement by ArmyEthics.com, Chaplain Densford or any agency or department of the United States government.


(1) An Army White Paper: The Profession of Arms, 8 December 2010, page 7.

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