The Profession of Arms

Revolutionary War SoldiersThe Army has issued a White Paper with the stated purpose:

. . . to facilitate an Army-wide dialog about our Profession of Arms. It is neither definitive nor authoritative, but a starting point with which to begin discussion … All members of the profession and those who support the profession are encouraged to engage in this dialog. (1)

This white paper serves as a beginning to discuss the wider issue of the Profession of Arms as well as the specific need for Soldiers at all levels to seek a moral foundation which will enable the successful navigation of ethical problems both in combat and after re-deployment.

Clicking the following links will open this document as a pdf file which can be read or downloaded.  Using your browser’s “back” button will return you to this page.

ProfessionWhite Paper 8 Dec 10

ADRP 1: The Army Profession (June 2013)


(1) An Army White Paper: The Profession of Arms, 8 December 2010, page ii.

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